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Stacia Kane

Got blog if you want it

**Note: Blanket permission is granted to link to and/or quote from any and all PUBLIC entries on this blog, with proper attribution (which means, tell 'em I said it and show 'em where). You're welcome to do so; you don't have to ask, I don't mind. And if you feel like leaving a comment to tell me where you linked/quoted, I like that a lot too.**

Journal of urban fantasy writer Stacia Kane. My first UF, Personal Demons,and its sequels Demon Inside and Demon Possessed are available in bookstores now from Juno/Pocket Books.

The first book in a new series, Unholy Ghosts, about drugs, ghosts, ghettos, punk rock, and magic, will be available May 25, 2010, with the second and third--UNHOLY MAGIC and CITY OF GHOSTS--to follow in June and July (US), and May 27 2010 from Harper Voyager (UK & Australia)! More information on that as we go along. You can find the blurb and the first chapter here: http://www.staciakane.net/books/unholy-ghosts/

Occasionally I post snippets from either/both books on Sundays, and delete them first thing Monday morning, so be on the lookout!

Please feel free to comment!

US covers (click to view fullsize):


UK/AUS covers (click to view fullsize):


***A note on Friending:

Seriously, I hardly ever check my info page to see if anyone new has befriended me. So if you add me and want to be added back, please let me know--leave a comment, or if you're shy like me (what? I'm shy and stuff) email me. Because if you don't I will probably not know for months, by which time you will most likely have decided I'm just rude and mean and hate you.
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